Learn Music At Your Own Place Or Premises

Learn Music at your own place
Want to learn music but don’t have time to go to class. Want flexible timings ? Do not want to travel ?
Then you are at right place. We provide you what you need. Our team will teach you at your comfortable time in your Society or School premises.
Already registered with top schools and Societies as their Music Partners.
Want classes at your doorstep?

We have solution for you. We conduct music class in your society at clubhouse or special music room as per the requirements of society

You get benefit of learning in group but without travel Competition Landscape. 

There are many music schools and private instructors in the market, but few offer such kind of service in your own society

Working Parents

want their children to get the learnings at home in their premises

blow the music
Learn old and new popular bollywood songs along with the vocal techniques such as proper breathing, projection, effective practice methods, and the use of alankars and sargams in singing. Every 3 months, you will be given a Studio Session wherein you can learn mic techniques, voice culture, grooming for solo & group singing. This course aims at preparing students to be able to perform freely.